Installation / Deployment

Note: You must have a {% styles %} and {% scripts %} tag in your page header/footer so that the plugin can inject the required assets.

    {% styles %}
    {% scripts %}

For more information see the OctoberCMS docs!


OctoberCMS v2.x: you will have to first purchase the plugin from the Marketplace, and then run the following on your server as described in the docs:

php artisan project:sync

You can also manually install and/or update the plugin, but this will only work if you've previously purchased a license:

composer require zenware/novembergallery-plugins
 composer update zenware/novembergallery-plugins
 php artisan october:migrate

OctoberCMS v1.x / WinterCMS: To install from your site “backend”: go to Settings → Updates & Plugins → Install Plugins and then search for “November Gallery”. Or, add it to your project from the Marketplace, and then from the backend area of your site click the Check for updates button on the Settings → Updates & Plugins page to pull in the plugin.

To install from the repository (not recommended), you’d have to first install the imageresizer plugin.

Here’s an actual (abridged) transcript of an installation into a fresh install of October (all commands for Ubuntu, make sure adjust to your environment):

USER@SERVER:/var/www/ sudo git clone plugins/toughdeveloper/imageresizer
Cloning into 'plugins/toughdeveloper/imageresizer'...
USER@SERVER:/var/www/ sudo git clone plugins/zenware/novembergallery
Cloning into 'plugins/zenware/novembergallery'...
USER@SERVER:/var/www/ sudo chown -R www-data:www-data plugins/toughdeveloper/
USER@SERVER:/var/www/ sudo chown -R www-data:www-data plugins/zenware/
USER@SERVER:/var/www/ sudo -u www-data php artisan plugin:refresh toughdeveloper.imageresizer
Rolled back: ToughDeveloper.ImageResizer
Reinstalling plugin...
USER@SERVER:/var/www/ sudo -u www-data php artisan plugin:refresh zenware.novembergallery
Rolled back: ZenWare.NovemberGallery
Reinstalling plugin...
- v1.0.1:  First version of NovemberGallery

You can also install the image resizer plugin if you wish to use that for thumbnail generation, for that you can run sudo -u www-data git clone plugins/toughdeveloper/imageresizer and sudo -u www-data php artisan plugin:refresh toughdeveloper.imageresizer.


For plugins installed from the marketplace, you can just do **Settings → Updates & Plugins → Check for Updates.

For plugin installed manually, you can run the following from your project root directory:

USER@SERVER:/var/www/vhost/public_html# sudo -u www-data git -C plugins/zenware/novembergallery/ pull 
remote: Enumerating objects: 14, done. 
USER@SERVER:/var/www/vhost/public_html# sudo -u www-data php artisan october:up 
ZenWare.NovemberGallery - v1.0.4: Extend Rainlab Blog integration with support for images in media folders ...
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