November Gallery Cookbook

A gallery plugin for OctoberCMS that tries to Keep It Simple and Stupid.

1. Upload your images using the Media Manager built into OctoberCMS
2. Drop November Gallery onto your page or partial
3. Select the folder you uploaded your images to and how you want them displayed


The idea for this plugin came about while building my girlfriend's photography website. I wante...

Installation / Deployment

Note: You must have a {% styles %} and {% scripts %} tag in your page header/footer so that the...

Backend Plugin Configuration

Log into your “backend” and go to Settings → November Gallery to configure your defaults. Things ...

Uploading Images

You have two options for uploading your images, each with different benefits: You can use the "...

Adding a Gallery to a Page / Partial

You may benefit from this page if you are new to OctoberCMS. It is super easy to add November Ga...

Dynamic Gallery using URL Parameters

If you don't wish to "hard-code" exactly which gallery you wish to display on a given page by sel...

Adding a Gallery to a "Static" Page

This is super simple! Open up your "static" page from the Pages area in your website back-end: ...

Adding a Gallery to a Blog

For this to work, of course you will need to install the RainLab Blog plugin. You may also want ...

Components and Options

How to Customize your Gallery


Gallery concoctions to make your visitors go aaaah


Nothing works! Things to check: Make sure that your layout file has {% styles %} and {% script...

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