Component 3: Pop-up Lightbox

Use this if you wish to add a lightbox-style 'pop-up' gallery to your page that is only shown when the user clicks on an element (such as a link/button/image).

[Component Inspector Options]

The following are available in addition to the Shared Options described above:

Property Inspector Name Description
attachTo Attach to JQuery selector for the element(s) that the user can click on to open the lightbox; for example: #gallery-button
additionalLightboxOptions Script options Additional JS options that you want passed onto the UniteGallery script, for example: theme_panel_position: "bottom"

Example Page

{% component 'popupLightbox' %}
<button id="gallery-button">Click me!</button>

This is a simple example where you place a button onto the page. Select a folder of images from the “Media Folder” drop-down in your inspector, and set the gallery “Attach to” option to #gallery-button. Your button should then serve to open a lightbox gallery of all of the images in the selected folder.

For examples on how to customize the gallery, see How to Customize your Gallery.

Check out the Demo Site for live examples of the above.

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