You have several options to customize how your gallery looks and behaves, depending on how deep you are willing to go down the rabbit hole:

  1. You can customize the gallery to some extent through the inspector; for example, you can set the gallery layout
  2. You can also add some custom options that will be passed onto the UniteGallery script via the inspector
  3. You can also add some CSS to control how the thumbnails are displayed
  4. You can adjust additional settings in the plugin back-end page, you can even completely override the generated script there.
  5. You can override the component partial

Regarding #2 - Setting Script Options

In each demo, you were also able to read about some possible additional options you can set on your galleries. It is important to understand which underlying JS library is used for each gallery. Currently, all galleries except for Swiper use UniteGallery. Swiper uses...Swiper.

So, for example, if you wish to make sure autoplay resumes even if there is any user interaction, then you can read up on the autoplay options in the Swiper API documentation. You can then set this in OctoberCMS in the component inspector for the Slider component, in the "Additional Swiper Options" parameter: autoplay: {disableOnInteraction=false}

Similarly, if you wish to disable the "full-screen" option on the UniteGallery slider, you can find the relevant option on the UniteGallery Slider docs. You can then set this in the component inspector for the Embedded Gallery component in "Script options" parameter: slider_enable_fullscreen_button: false

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